Organic Peanut Butter


Enjoy all natural, organic peanut butter that is creamy with rich texture and tasty as topping for your P&J sandwich or in other foods


Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter No Stir Creamy (6×16 OZ)

Get Six  (6) large jars of all natural peanut butter at good value

Welcome to peanut butter perfection: 100% organic and ready to spread. Our special roasting, grinding and blending process yields delectable nut butter with a rich peanut flavor and a silky smooth texture you can enjoy right away, no stirring required! Did we mention perfection?

A wonderful source of protein, healthy fats and wholesome nuts that is ideal for your P&J sandwich. Also, it makes for great topping on crackers, whole grain toasts, addition to sauces and creams as nutritious ingredient. Try some now and you wouldn’t go back to highly processed peanut butter sold in grocery stores.




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